Born on December 23, 1983. Received the Anne Rimkus Memorial Scholarship in 2002 and The Grace & Walter Smith Scholarship from 2002-2005. Graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006 with a BFA in Photography and Graphic Design. Lives and works in Denver and Chicago.

My photographs of nature evoke tranquil, serene, and sometimes transcendent states of being. Trees, clouds, water, and mountains are literally placed in front of your feet as if you are experiencing the subject matter first hand on an epic scale. The seamless panoramic photographs range from 6 to 10 feet tall and can consist of three to ten images which are manually stitched together to make on final photograph.

My grandfather was a professional photographer and worked with Playboy based in Chicago. Since the age of twelve I had a Minolta XG 1 - 35 mm camera with a 50mm lens. I was raised in both the city and suburbs observing environments of skyscrapers and nature, a complete duality. In Hickory Hills my grandmother taught me the simplicities of life and showed me how to paint, draw, and even cook authentic Spanish food. But it the end she evoked my passion of learning how to capture nature for the rest of the world to see. When I reached high school I knew my path in life was art and my life would develop as a tree showcasing all its branches of passions and talents. I attended Nazareth Academy in La Grange Illinois 2002-2006.

In college my art quickly began to reflect the understanding and love for both the raw urban characteristics of the city and the beauty, solidarity, and expansiveness of nature. I immediately opened my horizons and studied all forms of religion and spirituality, visual communications,  graphic design, hundred year old processes/modern techniques in photography, classic/abstract painting, and even foundry/sculpture.  When graduating college people asked, what are you going to do? I said, everything that drives my attention and allows me to explore and utilize my creativity.

My twenties would paint the picture of me excelling in many directions: helping start a book company called Front40Press, starting my own commercial photo company DLM Photography & Design, and even drive into being a beverage director/mixologist for multiple conceptual restaurants across Chicago for twelve years. When I turned thirty I knew my time in Chicago would soon come to a slight end and I needed to move west and truly live in the mountains in order to further my career as an artist. Chicago truly molded me into a tough, independent, forward thinking artist…..but I know something was missing. I needed to engulf myself in nature completely. In 2016 I decided to move to Colorado. In my heart and mind, I needed to get back to the same energy I shared all those years as a kid with my grandma. So I present to you, the beauty and wonder of the world captured though my lens.